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How to choose the perfect carpet for your office?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

With so many floor covering options available today, it can be tough to decide what to put on your office/hotel floor – for example, deciding between carpet and hardwood. Some may wonder if carpet holds any advantages over other types of hard surface floors.

While every floor covering product can be shown to have its own advantages and drawbacks, carpet has several distinct benefits when compared to hard surfaces. However, before selecting the carpet to the floor in your venues, there are things you have to know so you finally choose the most suited carpet that are used commercially. The wrong carpet may wear out quickly, fade or show stains that stubbornly resist your best cleaning efforts.

Protect your investment and choose the best carpet in Singapore for your home with these 10 carpet-buying tips from Hanking Carpet!

Considerations For Selecting Good Carpet 1. Selecting Your Carpet provider

Carpeting can be purchased from various sources which include departmental stores, flooring companies, and from the internet but you are encouraged to get one from a reliable flooring company. A quality carpet store will carry a large, varied carpet selection, including different fiber options such as wool and vinyl. The flooring company should also offer high-quality carpets installing services. It is best if the company focuses on only one group of products (such as flooring) instead of a general construction company that offers a wide range of different services (such as service for wallpaper, window and flooring all at once). Hanking Carpet specializes in all your flooring needs and provide one-year warranty for all installation services.

2. Consider Maintenance And Carpet care

You should be ready to offer your carpet with excellent carpet care services so it can maintain its better look hence it is good when you select the type of carpet that you and your office can maintain easily. You can opt for strain resistant carpets if you want to install on high traffic areas since they need textured and less cleaning carpeting and the way they resist towards the dirt. Know the carpet maintenance requirements of the carpet type before purchasing it to avoid any higher maintenance for the carpets which you can’t manage to care for. You can also have your carpets cleaned professionally by cleaning services after a while so they can remain clean and last longer.

cleaning a carpet roll, similar manner for carpet tile cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

4. Consider The Patterns And Colors

You should examine carefully, look at the design of your office/hotels and the colors which dominate these venues before deciding the carpeting pattern and color to select. You should know what vibe/atmosphere you want to create where the carpet will be installed. You can decide to take several carpet samples and if you don’t understand which patterns and colors fit your venue, you can consult from an interior designer.

For places such as corridors where there is high human traffic, dark-colored carpets are recommended to reduce cleaning efforts. Hanking Carpet also allows you to have fix-and-match of carpet tile designs to create the unique look for your office.

5. Consider The Carpet For Stairs To Select Places such as hotels, cruises, and shopping malls, stairways always have more of trafficking and they need to bend after every step. You should then select the best and durable carpet to install on your stairs and it should also be dense to avoid wear and tear. You can select the ones which are made using cut pile materials. You can opt for the woven wool carpeting since they are so durable but generally much more expensive.

6. Be Green With The Carpet Choice The carpets which have synthetic materials tend to have volatile organic compounds which might affect the air quality which people breathe in the venues. Such compounds can cause health problems in the respiratory and allergies. To be safer from such conditions, you might avoid purchasing carpets which have the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by selecting the carpets that use organic material components like the jute and wool. Note that even when selecting carpet tiles for your office, PVC backing ones are more environmentally friendly than bitumen backing carpet tiles.

7. Quality requirements from the firm/building

Some buildings require all carpets installed to be fire-resistant. These carpets/carpet tiles are generally more expensive than normal carpets. Hanking Carpet offers FR B1 certified carpet and carpet tiles for office buildings and hotels. They are made of fire-retardant material such as nylon, as compared to Polypropylene (PP) for normal carpets.

8. Is there furniture on castors or heavy furniture in general?

By defining areas where chairs and other furniture with castors will be used you will be able to specify carpet rated for use with castors for those areas. If you have heavy furniture in your office that is difficult to be lifted or shifted, carpet tiles are recommended as it will be easier to slot them underneath the furniture.

9. Consider If You’ll Buy Area Rugs Or Carpet You can opt for the area rugs or carpet provided you understand where they are installed at your venues. The carpets are extremely affordable; they offer comfort and insulation among others. However, carpeting can also cause allergens, may hold dirt, and some odor so it should be replaced after some years like ten to fifteen. Rugs are used in homes and for residential purposes. Carpets are used commercially in places such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools and churches. Hanking Carpet only provides carpets not rugs!

10. Don't Blow Your Budget

Even the most luxurious carpet doesn't have to cost a fortune. Shop around to find carpet that fits your lifestyle and budget. Read our comprehensive pricing guide for different flooring and budget!

Consider replacement and maintenance expenses to keep costs even lower. If your office has high human traffic, try carpet tile instead of rolled carpeting. Rather than replacing the entire room after a few years of spills and stains, you can replace single tiles as needed to keep your carpet looking fresh and new.

To find out what kind of flooring to use for your venue? Read this article to find out!

Explore different material options before you buy to balance price and comfort. Wool represents the very best in carpet materials but also comes with the highest price tag. Nylon and other synthetics feel similar to wool but are available at lower prices.

Always make sure that you take into considerations the above important tips so you can finally purchase and get the best carpet for your floor based on your current venue. Always never forget to consult Hanking Carpet if you have any queries concerning carpets.

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