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Complete guide to flooring pricing | Carpet Tiles | Vinyl | Broadloom Carpet

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Many customers have turned to us when they want to get something for their office or home flooring. The most commonly asked question, and definitely the most important question, was the price.

You may have noticed we did not write the prices of our collections in the products page, and same for many other flooring stores. We are definitely not trying to be mysterious, but simply because there is no fixed price for your choice, be it carpet rolls, carpet tiles, vinyl tiles or PVC rubber planks!

There are many factors affecting the price of the products, and a professional carpet store will take all of these into consideration when offering you a quotation for your needs. In this article, Hanking Carpet will share with you the factors that affect the cost of your floor makeover.

Two Main Factors that affect your flooring cost

A. Type of Flooring

This is the more obvious factor. If you are concerned about your budget but have not yet decided on the type of flooring, you can take a look at our article to find out the more suitable option for your venue.

Otherwise, if you already have something in mind, you can continue to read on to find out more.

Let's talk about the big ideas first! Flooring comes in different forms : carpet rolls (also known as broadloom carpet/wall to wall carpet), carpet tiles, vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles, laminate wood and exhibition mats. We will go through each of these in details.

A general rule of thumb : the plain and basic flooring without any prints are the cheapest type in their own categories. The thicker the flooring (for any type) is, the pricier as well. A denser carpet is also definitely more expensive than an average density carpet. These information are all well written in each product's description page on our Products page.

  1. Carpet Rolls

The most commonly used carpet roll is loop pile and cut pile carpets, made from Polypropylene (PP) fiber. They are used widely in office, cinemas, theatres and schools. Loop piles are the cheapest option available. Loop pile carpets include level loop and multilevel loop carpets. They have roughly the same pricing, with level loop being slightly cheaper than multilevel loop. Cut piles are generally slightly more expensive than loop piles. Confused by the different materials? Click here to read more about carpet rolls.

Some of these carpets resembles those high end luxury carpets in terms of their printings. These extravagant prints may add an additional $0.50-$2 per sqft to their original pricing. Most cinemas and theaters use such carpets and still give them the high-class atmosphere. It is definitely worth the money because actual Wilton/Axminister/Nylon carpets are much more expensive.

The less commonly used ones are luxury carpet rolls. Wilton carpet, Nylon carpet, wool carpets, which are often used in high end venues such as hotels, airports and banquets. They are more expensive than the loop pile and cut pile carpet rolls mentioned above.

2. Carpet Tiles

Generally, carpet tiles are more expensive than carpet rolls as carpet tiles are more lasting. Read more about benefits of carpet tiles here , or facts about carpet & carpet tiles here.

There are two kinds of carpet tiles in general, bitumen backing and PVC backing. Both are usually made from Polypropylene material on the surface so they do not look any different when being installed. However, PVC backing is more environmentally friendly and feels much firmer and softer on foot. Hence, PVC backing is more expensive than bitumen backing carpet tile.

Regardless of the backing, different designs will have different cost too. However, this is not a significant factor as various designs generally only differ by a few cents per sqft.

The surface of the tiles would make another great difference in price too. Some of our carpet tiles are fire resistant and are FR B1 level certified, these are mainly PVC backing too. It is almost impossible to tell if a carpet tile is fireproof simply by looking. They differ in terms of material. Fire-resistant carpets are usually made of fireproof material such as Nylon, while the usual carpet tiles are made from Polypropylene (PP) fiber.

Does that seem complicated? Don't worry! Hanking carpet grouped bitumen and PVC backing separately under our product list. You can individually only look at bitumen/PVC carpet tiles. We have also labelled fireproof carpet tiles in their titles so you won't be confused!

3. PVC Rubber flooring/vinyl planks

They are less heard of, but think of them as vinyl tiles except they are in large sheets. They are in rolls, often with a fixed width and the length is determined by your area required. You can read more about them here.

PVC rubber flooring costs slightly more than carpet rolls, usually around the same price as carpet tiles. They are commonly used for very large areas as they are easy to install. However, your floor has to be very smooth and flat to use PVC rubber sheets. Unless your existing floor is as flat as concrete/marble tiles, you would have to do self-leveling concrete/cement before installing rubber planks or vinyl tiles.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl are generally more expensive than rubber sheets. Vinyl also requires your current flooring to have an extremely flat and smooth surface. Price of vinyl mainly depends on it's thickness and type.

Obviously, the thicker it is, the more expensive it would be.

Secondly would be the type of vinyl tiles. Some are just regular vinyl tiles, where glue is required for installation. These kinds of vinyl are also relatively thin, usually around 2mm thick. They are the cheapest vinyl option available if you want the wooden/marble printed floor that is waterproof and cheap, as compared the laminate wooden flooring and actual marble flooring.

Another option is Self stick vinyl tiles (also known as self adhesive vinyl tiles). No additional glue is required and you can completely install it on your own without anyone's help. It's price is between the normal flooring tiles and click and lock tiles due to its thickness (usually 2.0 mm). This is the more popular option for those on a tight budget as no cost is spent on installation as compared to the usual vinyl tiles.

We also offer click and lock SPC & LVT vinyl tiles. These are generally more expensive than your usual vinyl flooring because they are much thicker (at least 3.0mm) and can go up to 6.5mm thick. They have less restrictions on your floor texture too. They are also easier to install with no tools or glue required. Read more about their benefits here.

To summarise, normal vinyl tiles is the cheapest among vinyl tiles, followed by self stick tiles, LVT, and lastly SPC click and lock tiles.

B. Your Area (i.e quantity)

Hanking carpet is the leading supplier and commercial carpet company in many cities in China. We own one of the largest warehouses in China and many carpet retailers get their supplies from us. Currently we do not have a physical showroom for our samples and we are mainly based online. This means we do not spend money on physical store and also means we can offer you even cheaper flooring. Our pricing is definitely unbeatable!

The larger your area, the cheaper per sqm or per sqft it would be. For Hanking Carpet, we do not take any orders below 50 sqm. You would expect our quote to differ in different range of area. Usually for every 50 sqm, you'll get a discount of $2 per sqm, which means you save at least few hundreds just for the material.

To summarize, the smaller the area/thicker/denser the material, the more expensive it would be. Generally if you were to rank all carpets by price, it'd be carpet rolls< bitumen carpet tiles< PVC carpet tiles < fire resistant carpet tiles. For vinyl, it'd be vinyl sheets < vinyl tiles < self stick vinyl tiles < LVT click and lock tiles < SPC click and lock tiles.

The above would be a comprehensive guide to different flooring options and their price range. Start browsing through our extensive list of products now while keeping in mind your budget now! Alternatively, you may directly contact us for free quotation. Simply provide us with you quantity and the design chosen from our website and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Click here to read more articles if you have any doubts.

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