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PVC Rubber & Sports Flooring

Material : Environmentally friendly PVC

Venues : Widely used in office buildings, schools, gyms, hospitals, sports venues and childcare centers. Perfect for locations with high human traffic and require water resistance.

Lifespan : 8-15 years.

Benefits : Large coverage, affordable for large area. Waterproof, soundproof and knee protection.

Plain Colors BM Series

2m*20m*1.8mm per roll. Lychee texture PVC rubber plank. Waterproof, classy, scratch resistant and soft on feet.

Marble LM Series

Wooden JM Series

Length:15m, 20m. Thickness: 2mm,2.6mm. Width:2m.  PVC marble printing rubber flooring sheets.

Spotted PVC rubber flooring sheet

Cartoon printed vinyl sheets

Professional Sports Flooring (Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheets)

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