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All you need to know about carpets and floorings!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to understand everything about flooring. In this article we’ll share the different flooring options available in Singapore.

At Hanking Carpet, we provide you with a wide range of commercial flooring options suited for your preference and budget.

No one type of flooring is ideal for every room or venue. We have listed a few options based on your situation and demands.

Printed carpet Rolls for office, hotels, homes and schools
Carpet Rolls from Hanking Carpet

Carpet rolls are commonly used offices, hotels and exhibitions. They are essential if you wish to use large- scale patterning or to customize designs. They also generally have that extra touch of quality that you can just feel when walking on it or see when looking at the seamless surface. (Dark grey carpet is the most popular option out there!)

Patterened rolled carpets for hotel rooms, lecture theatres and office buildings and malls
Patterned carpet rolls | Hanking Carpet Singapore

We have a wide selection of carpet rolls, from red carpets for short term exhibitions and events, to Wilton and yarn carpets in high end hotels.

striped and basic carpet rolls, for conference rooms, theatres, cinema, hotels and office
Striped Carpet Rolls | Hanking Carpet

Carpet rolls allow you to have your customized carpets with your company's logo and other information.

An example of customised logo:

Able to customise your company logo and slogan into your door mat or for your expo exhibitions!
Customisable Carpet Rolls/mats

Hanking Carpet specializes in sales and installation of carpet rolls. We provide the most professional installation service so you do not have to carry these heavy weights on your own.

Red/grey striped carpet tiles, PVC backing from Hanking Carpet. Cheap and easy installation for office and buildings
Hollywood Striped Carpet tiles | Hanking Carpet

Carpet tiles are a great choice if you are looking to lower installation cost and time. You also definitely want to consider carpet tiles if regular maintenance is an issue, for instance in a bar, office, or hotel environment. If any of the tiles are damaged, you can easily replace that specific tile with a new one in a few seconds.

You can read more of carpet tiles' benefits over carpet rolls here.

Basic and modern carpet tiles for your homes and office! Able to install on your own without our help.
DIY carpet tiles installation

Carpet tiles usually have 2 types of base, bitumen or PVC base. PVC backed carpet tiles are slightly more environmentally friendly and feel softer and firmer, and cost slightly higher than bitumen based tiles. They are also better at reducing noise, makes it suitable to be used in cinema, school lecture theaters and libraries.

Carpet tiles are also easy to install. You can install it on your own without any professional help. Simply purchase the carpet stickers from us!

stickers to install carpet tiles without professional help, greatly reduce cost for your renovation.
Install Carpet Tiles on your own!

Hanking Carpet provides many designs for carpet tiles. Most of them are of size 50cm*50cm, while some are available in 60cm*60cm too, based on the designs.

If you need your carpet to be fire resistant, carpet tiles are your best option! Our fire resistant carpet tiles are FR B1 certified.

Note that 4 pieces make up one meter square area, which is equivalent to 10.8 square feet.

Read more about carpet and carpet tiles here.

3. Laminate Wooden Flooring

wooden prints laminate, used in studios and classrooms
Laminate wooden flooring

Hanking Carpet's laminate looks so realistic, you'll find yourself asking, “Is it laminate or is it hardwood?” Laminate is the stylish result of continuing breakthroughs in modern technology and manufacturing methods. There are styles that convey the authentic look of wood or the classic appeal of ceramic tile.

Our professional installers installing laminate wooden flooring for office.
Hanking Carpet Project

Various shades and finishes allow you to choose the wood look down to the species, and now laminates are mimicking hardwood even more. Some laminates offer beveled, distressed, and highly textured options—giving your laminate floor not only the look of hardwood, but the feel of it, too. Laminates are inherently “green”,because they use fewer resources and far less wood in their manufacture. And because they are durable—some styles even offer 25-year warranties—you do not have to replace laminate floors as often. Consider laminate for a distinctive look that is beautifully affordable, and affordably beautiful.

wooden printed vinyl flooring, looks like real wood and much cheaper than laminate.
Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is durable, low maintenance and comes in many shapes and sizes. Hanking Carpet offers vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles, with many designs to choose from.

It makes flooring looks like wood or tile but at a lower cost. We even have vinyl flooring that have carpet prints!

Vinyl tiles flooring but has carpet print on it, water resistant as compared to normal office carpet tiles.
Carpet prints Vinyl Tiles

This type of floor is moisture resistant and waterproof, impervious to most stains, and easy to clean. The same goes for PVC plastic flooring.

One of the best things about vinyl sheets and PVC plastic flooring is that when it is installed it is just one piece at most two pieces. This means there are no seams running in between many individual pieces. Most of our PVC sheets are 2m wide.

SImilar to Vinyl but in sheets. Rubber flooring, used in sports venues,dance studios, hospitals and kindergartends.
PVC Rubber Flooring | Hanking Carpet Project

Now you would have a rough idea of what kind of flooring to choose for your venue, pick your designs from our extensive collection now! You may also read our comprehensive guide on the pricing to fit your budget.

Hanking Carpet is an established firm in Singapore and Dongguan, China with over 10 years of experience in carpet and flooring sales and installation. Our prices are definitely one of the lowest, if not lowest, you can possibly find. We provide wholesale and retail of flooring besides installation. All products and services purchased from us will automatically be under a free one-year warranty.

If you have more questions, feel free to whatsapp/call Hazel at 8394 6288!

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