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Benefits of SPC/LVT Vinyl Lock Tiles Flooring

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Vinyl lock tiles are also known as vinyl click tiles. In this article Hanking Carpet will introduce you the benefits of SPC & LVT vinyl lock tiles as compared to ordinary vinyl tiles!


Our vinyl lock tiles are SPC (Stone Polymer Composite/Stone Plastic Polymer) Flooring, an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core.


Short for luxury vinyl tile, LVT is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials such as stone or wood, yet provide many more practical benefits.

An SPC/LVT vinyl floor is 100% waterproof, but adds stability, dent resistance and structure to commercial or residential flooring. It does not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde and any other harmful substances and is 100% environmental flooring.

Vinyls are commonly used in areas that require the flooring to be waterproof. Besides being waterproof, vinyl gives a complete different style to your offices or corridors as compared to carpets and other flooring options. It looks like wood, but not real wood. It is much cheaper and water resistant as compared to laminate.

Vinyl and rubber flooring require the floor to be extremely smooth and flat to be installed. It is rather difficult to install traditionally, and require the usage of glues which may damage your floor if you want to remove the vinyl tiles or vinyl sheets in the future.

Whereas our click and lock vinyl tiles is more environmentally friendly and completely gives no odor in the installation process.

use of glue, not environmentally friendly, damages the floor
Traditional Vinyl Installation

Our click and lock vinyl series is able to solve those problems! Not only does it not damage your original floor, you can easily install it on your own without our professional help. Simply connect the pieces together side by side. No additional glue or tools required. This can save you some money if you are on a tight budget.

DIY vinyl tiles, vinyl lock flooring
Easy Installation, simple Click and Lock
Easy Installation and Complement Shape, lock and click vinyl tiles, 5G complementary shape
Complementary Shape with high precision slotting

You can easily replace any tiles if it has any damage or scratches (which is unlikely because our flooring is highly scratch resistant).

scratch resistant, high scratch resistance
Anti-scratch vinyl tiles

It is 100% waterproof since no glue is used. You can clean it on your own without the help of flooring cleaning companies. The glue that is used in the traditional type of vinyl flooring will gradually be dissolved over time by the seepage of moisture through the vinyl floor. Hence, our lock vinyl floor that used adhesive will be prone to warping and water damages. You can install in kitchens and restaurants too.

waterproof, washable and easy to clean
Waterproof and easy to clean

Last but not least, our vinyl lock flooring is also B1 level fire resistant certified! Since SPC is stable and can conduct heat effectively, floor heating systems will not cause the flooring to warp. If your building has requirements in fire resistance of your flooring, vinyl or carpet tiles are recommended.

fire resistant, fire retardant flooring, B1 FR certified
Not afraid of coming near to fire source
fire retardent, fire resistant vinyl, FR B1 certified vinyl tiles
Cigarettes will extinguish and not cause a burn mark

This is an extremely popular option among those who wish to renovate their homes or offices on their own, or experimenting with different flooring options to find out which suits their style the most. Simply cover it on top of your current floor!

Vinyl can be used in dance studios, hospitals, concert stage, tuition centers, kindergartens, homes, offices and many many more. Take a look at our past vinyl projects here.

If you're not looking for vinyl, feel free to look at our other collections !

Not sure what kind of flooring to use? Click here to see options available.

Still lost? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Dec 07, 2020

I read so many different kinds of articles everyday and it helps to know about so many different things. We don't need to worry about our weak English writing now because tile removal is helping us so much to make it better.I feel that we can search every type of information on the internet.

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