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LVT Lock Vinyl 4.2mm (vinyl tiles) : Lock flooring

Some backgrounds about Vinyl:

Vinyls are commonly used in areas that require the flooring to be waterproof. Besides being waterproof, vinyl gives a complete different style to your offices or corridors as compared to carpets and other flooring options. It looks like wood, but not real wood. It is much cheaper and water resistant as compared to laminate.

Vinyl and rubber flooring require the floor to be extremely smooth and flat to be installed. It is rather difficult to install traditionally, and require the usage of glues which may damage your floor if you want to remove the vinyl tiles or vinyl sheets in the future.

Whereas our click and lock vinyl tiles is more environmentally friendly and completely gives no odor in the installation process.

What is LVT?

Short for luxury vinyl tile, LVT is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials such as stone or wood, yet provide many more practical benefits.

Our LVT lock vinyl tile series has different thickness. In this article we will be giving you more information on LVT vinyl tiles of 4.2mm.

The 4.2mm thickness comprises 4mm of environmentally friendly PVC + 0.2mm anti-scratch layer. The PVC layer makes it slip resistant and scratch resistant. It is highly durable and able to lasts up to 20 years!

No glue is used in the installation process, hence environmentally friendly and 100% waterproof.

It is also B1 FR fire resistant certified. No burn marks will be visible when in contact of fire source.

Our LVT/SPC lock vinyl tiles are easy to install. No glue and tools required. Simply align the two pieces side by side and click them together. You can even do it on your own to save some costs on your home renovation. The pieces are 100% complementary to ensure easy slotting and tight locking of the tiles.

Traditional hardwood, laminate and stone flooring options are more costly than LVT. If you’re looking for a durable alternative at a much lower cost, look no further.

You can find out more benefits of our click and lock flooring from our articles.

Some pictures on 4.2mm LVT vinyl tiles click and lock flooring series:

Vinyl tiles are commonly used in homes, office, hotels, hospitals and shopping malls. We provide installation and many other designs too! Check out our products to view more lock vinyl flooring designs.

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